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Witchcraft Theory and Practice

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Witchcraft Theory and Practice

Author: Ly De Angeles

A witch, like the Earth, can be both immeasurably ancient and forever young.
A witch realizes certain powers... represents, rather than worships them ...invokes them; fuses with them, emotes and lives them; recognizes them in the vast forces of nature and beyond.
This comprehensive manual sets forth the tenets of Witchcraft and explains in depth why and how magic works. It includes tried and true methods for developing the magical will, along with religious training, ritual observances, and spell-crafting techniques.

Witchcraft: Theory and Practice also:
~Describes unique practices such as fith-fathing, fetching, shapeshifting, and glamouring.
~Tells how to identify and interpret omens and portents.
~Includes instructions on astral travel, cleansings, banishing, and how to make something invisible.
Offers a guided ritual for self-initiation.

All things come full circle- reclaim the ancient power that sings within your blood through sacred ritual to the Earth and Moon and Sun and Stars.

Ly de Angeles (Australia) has been an initiated High Priestess for more than thirty years. An outspoken and public witch, Ms. de Angeles is also the author of more than ten books, including When I See the Wild God and Tarot Theory and Practice.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781567187823

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