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winter break

from the 6th of July to the 14th of july

Orders placed during this period will be processed as fast as possible from the 15th of July

Loyalty Rewards Program

Dusty Rose Essentials® offers a Loyalty Rewards Program for customers via an opt-in sign-up method. 

You can receive "Cauldron Credits" (reward points) for orders placed

Points per activity may change depending on current promotions, points for orders placed may also vary depending on current promotions, however, it is generally 1 point per $1 spent on product. 

*Points are applied to the product total only, minus any discount and shipping fees. Points are only allocated to orders where a Loyalty Rewards account is active, points cannot be applied to orders placed prior to loyalty rewards account creation. Point allocation and reward values may change.


To join simply click HERE 

From there you can log in, access your rewards dashboard and see all of the ways you can be rewarded. 

All current points and ways to earn them are presented on the Loyalty Rewards Rewards dashboard. These may change from time to time depending on current promotions.


Misuse of this program will result in a permanent ban from the program. A customer may not use the program to "refer" themselves, or by other means fraudulently claim rewards. The rewards system automatically flags such occurrences and orders placed under these circumstances may be cancelled without notice.


Please note: If a customer chooses to unsubscribe from email marketing, this will also include the Loyalty Rewards Program. Email is required to issue rewards  codes and all updates from the Loyalty Rewards program. If you would like to use your Loyalty Rewards points, please do so before unsubscribing from our marketing emails. 

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