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Witches Returning Home To The Old Ways

One of the most common questions that I have received over the last two (and a bit) years of the pandemic is "What books would you recommend for beginners" (or variations thereof). 

The pandemic gave us many things that we didn't particularly like or want, but one thing that I can and did happily acknowledge as a positive was that it gave us more time.  Time for all the things that we had been putting off, all the things we'd been ignoring because we didn't have enough time for them when navigating the busy modern world.  Time for simple things, things that make us happy, nourish our soul, promote emotional growth, and, significantly, heal us—little things and big things... like reading, among other things.

 Reading is something many of us take for granted; it’s something that many of us (including myself) just stopped doing one day because we didn't have the time, and before we knew it, years had passed before we picked up another book. Considering my absolute love of books, it was shocking to me when I realised just how long it had been since I’d turned the pages of a book.

 We lost a lot of things during the pandemic; we also found and re-found a lot of things. Mainly ourselves. Many people started to look deeper and either engage or re-engage with their path and calling. We reassessed our lives and our priorities. We re-aligned ourselves with our purpose, and importantly, we recognised our worth.

I believe that we realised a lot of things during the pandemic. We remembered what was truly important to us. Many of us went about reclaiming our lives for living and enjoying life, reclaiming time for the truly important things that we had forgotten that made us happy. I picked up a guitar for the first time in 15 years; I had completely forgotten what that felt like. It was a bittersweet moment … recognising an old friend and also realising the loss of 15 years.

For many of us, self-discovery, growth, and healing were suddenly higher on our list of things we had time for. Not that being gifted this time from the universe was a pleasant experience for all... I found it to be a very painful double-edged sword. As part of my method of coping with all that the pandemic threw at me, I chose to acknowledge and focus on the pros, which kept my head above water while I waded my way through the cons, which I feared might drown me.

Over the last few years, people have been returning to the old ways in what I feel through my experience has to be in record numbers.

Welcome, Witches; I’ve been waiting for you. You are safe here, you are worthy of your calling, and help is here.

My calling, or I should say part of my calling, is to bring Witches “home” to the old ways and help them navigate their path in a modern world. Most questions that I receive are from people struggling with where to start.... from my point of view; they had all already begun. They started the second they heard the call and chose to answer it. From there, it’s where to go next; the options are endless, so take my hand and jump into the deep end; adventure awaits.

Dusty xx

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