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Beginner Witches Starting Out ~ Needs & Wants

There are so many herbs, resins, oils, tools, and other things to choose from. It can be a little overwhelming when you are first starting out!
But do you need everything now?
In short... No. You can absolutely build up over time.
The way that I see it is that there are needs and wants. 
Many of us would like to have a full to the brim 'Pinterest-worthy' storage unit. Full of ingredients, all in perfect jars and looking absolutely gorgeous. When beginning, it's often neither practical nor affordable. It is definitely something that you can build towards over time if it is what you would like. 
Start by collecting items gradually. You will expand your range considerably before you know it without having to dish out excessive funds right at the beginning.
You may also like to grow many of your own herbs as it is cheaper in the long run. Although, for various reasons, it is not always easy for everyone to do. You may have limited space or renting, which can be problematic when wanting a garden. The good thing is that many herbs thrive in pots. Peppermint is better potted as it can spread rapidly throughout your garden if not contained. 
It is also possible that you may change how you practice or the direction of your path/journey over time. Sourcing items as you need them helps to avoid ending up with things that you won't use.
At the start, it can be overwhelming to look at someone who has been practicing for years and feel that you must have as much as they do. In reality, what we have has been gathered over many years.
I'm definitely not telling you what you must do. I am only here to tell you that it isn't necessary to have everything to start with, that you don't need to feel pressure to do so or have people pressure you into doing so. In reality, there is literally only one thing that you must have to get started, and you already have it. It's YOU. 
Let your journey guide you. My outlook stems from practicality, but, If the aesthetic is very important to you, please always do what works for you.
Remember not to put yourself under pressure. I would advise you to question a person's motives if they're trying to sell you everything under the sun. You most likely don't need half of it, and they are most likely there purely for financial gain. 
Important to note:
There are many herbs, resins, and oils that you can use as substitutes. Some ingredients will increase the potency of the ingredients they are mixed with; Dragon's Blood and Myrrh are two. You will find with some research that you can reduce your "needs" list significantly and pop a few things on the "wants" list for another time.
As I said in my previous blog ..." I believe that it is better to have a short list and to complete your workings rather than to have a huge wish-list and never get started."
A few handy things:
The first thing that I always recommend is to gain knowledge from reputable sources. Some items are quite handy when starting, but it all depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend.
  • Fire-proof receptacles: Cast Iron Cauldrons are great. If you plan on burning things then doing it safely is important. 
  • Tongs: For handling Charcoal Disks and safely adjusting burning ingredients. 
  • Charcoal Disks: For burning resins and loose herbs.
  • Candles: colour specific to spells & rituals. Black, White and Green are a good starting point. 
  • Herbs, Resins, Oils, Salt: Build up over time, research, and use your substitutions and potency ingredients.
  • Books.. you can also find some excellent resources online for free.
  • An Altar / Space: this can be anything/anywhere/any size you feel comfortable with. Over time you will accumulate many things of great significance to your journey, excellent reminders of where you are and where you are heading. 
Take time on your journey. 
Time to get to know yourself, your path, and to make adjustments. You may completely change lanes and end up on a different path entirely. Take the time to adapt to everything, take it all in, and importantly take time to feed your own growth.
What to take from this
  • In the end, the decision is yours, do what suits you and your finances.
  • Do not allow anyone to pressure you into having more than you need at the time. If someone is pressuring you, walk away... You should never be pressured into anything.
  • It is ok to gather things over considerable time.
  • It is ok if your path has many twists and turns. This journey rarely goes in a straight line.
  • Your ability to research and gain knowledge will be your most powerful asset. 
  • No one is allowed to belittle you for being at the beginning of your journey. We were all at the start once. If people are doing this to you, then they are not your people.
Happy Witching
Dusty xx 
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