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FREE Shipping Over $150 Australia Wide
FREE Shipping Over $150 Australia Wide

Welcome To Dusty Rose Essentials™

Are you are wondering Who? What? Where?

Or perhaps you have a question or request you would like help with? 
Don't hesitate to make contact!

The Who..

If you're wondering who the face behind Dusty Rose Essentials™ is...
Well, this is Dusty! If you "contact us" you'll be speaking directly with Dusty, so you're in great hands!


The What..

Dusty Rose Essentials™ is Your Alternative Provisions Store.

Leading online supplier of Metaphysical supplies, creator of the Dusty Rose Essentials Ritual Essentials Range,  approved stockist of Nemesis Now, Alchemy England, Lyllith Dragonheart, Nimbin Candle Factory, Hippie Days, and more...

Dusty Rose Essentials is owned and operated by Dusty, a practicing Witch, whom is proud to be providing one of the largest and continually growing ranges of Spell, Ritual, Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, and spiritual supplies to customers Australia wide. 

You can shop online, with ease, and confidence when shopping at Dusty Rose Essentials.  Dusty has years of experience shipping fragile items, and packs each and every parcel perfectly to ensure safe delivery.

DRE's extensive range covers Cauldrons, Altar & Ritual Tools, Occult Books, Crystals, Witchcraft Herbs, Spell Candles, Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, Rune Sets, Alternative & Gothic Home Décor, Fantasy Art,  Altar Cloths, Incense Sticks and Cones, Ritual Incense, Incense Burners, Backflow Incense, Resin, Charcoal Disks, Essential Oils, Aroma Oils, Spell Kits, Witchcraft Mystery Boxes, Incense Mystery Boxes & many other items..


The Where..

The Warehouse and Working Studio has recently been relocated to 

58-60 Lowry Street, Rochester, VIC

The Working Studio is where all of DRE's custom wares are created, it is nestled within DRE's Warehouse, and will feature several crafting stations including; Candle Dipping and Pouring, Spell Melts, Herbs & Resins, Black Salt, Ritual Incense, and a few others when time permits.

There are no current plans for DRE's official store front (which was available at DRE's previous location) to re-open at the new location. There will, however, be capacity in the future to recommence contactless pickup once the necessary work has been completed.

Dusty has been planning to expand studio operations for some time, and DRE's new location is just the place to to it!  With purpose equipped workstations, Dusty will be busier than ever crafting and expanding on DRE's Ritual Essentials Range in order to meet the needs of DRE's Retail and Wholesale Customers. 

Shipping is available to both retail and wholesale customers, Australia Wide. 



Happy Witching!

Dusty xx