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Order Processing will be delayed from noon on the 13th of June 2024. Orders placed from this date will begin processing as fast as possible from the 22nd of June 2024.

Taking Care Of Nature

DRE is conscious of the impact that packaging can have on the environment and opts to use a range of eco-friendly items to pack orders safely, ensuring safe delivery and as little impact on the environment as possible.

DRE Uses:

  • Recyclable Cardboard Boxed
  • Recyclable Tissue, Hex Cell Wrap, and Kraft Paper
  • Biodegradable Void Fill
  • Paper and Clear Packing Tape
DRE has recently invested in a water activated kraft paper packing tape system. The kraft tape is recyclable and does not need to be removed from boxes prior to recycling. DRE is currently phasing out the use of traditional clear plastic packing tape. 

DRE has a lot of packaging that arrives via incoming stock orders, extra life is given to all packaging that is good quality and clean. Specifically, boxes, bubble wrap and polystyrene.  DRE does this to keep these products out of the waste system for as long as possible.

Polystyrene is also known as EPS or Expanded Polystyrene. EPS is recyclable, however, it's not an easy process. EPS can't go in your council recycling bin, but it can be dropped off at specific collection plants. Unfortunately, there are no regional collection plants local to DRE, so to keep it out of landfill as long as possible DRE opts to reuse it where suitable to do so.

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