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Coffee By The Cauldron


Dusty provides a selection of informal and relaxed sessions with a Coffee in hand. Getting started, research & growth, navigating hurdles along the way, and onwards to Cauldrons & crafting and more.

  • Getting Started
If you are not sure where to start, if you are on your way but find yourself stuck or facing a hurdle, then Dusty is available to help. You are welcome to have a quick chat or attend a Growth Session to dive in deeper. 

  • Research & Growth

Session Fee: Free.

Location: In-Shop @ 76 Mackay St Rochester. 

When: Growth- Set dates announced on Facebook as they become available. Research- sessions may require bookings when in high demand; otherwise, they can be conducted anytime during opening hours, provided space is available. 

Growth Sessions: Working one-on-one with Dusty or in a group setting. These sessions follow Dusty's start from the roots and expand from there all in or nothing format. Depending on what area you need help with, they can be quite personal, which is often necessary to get a good picture of where you are now and where you want to go with your chosen path. And for this reason, private sessions can be made available upon request.

Growth sessions are designed to help you on your path, no matter what stage of it you're currently in. Covering any area you require...  figuring out your path, awakening, experiencing the crossroads, things are great but I want more from my path… or similar scenarios discussed over a cuppa, books, and whatever else we need to help make sense of it all.

Dusty does not tell you what to do; she guides you, offers a supportive hand, and helps you navigate your path. In the end, it is entirely up to you.

It is incredible how beneficial an in-depth chat with some who "gets" you can be.

Growth sessions are not limited by number per person; you can attend one or many over time. 

    Research sessions can be combined with Growth sessions. However, research sessions are attendee-led sessions with Dusty on hand, just in case. Think library Study Session... but Witch Style.

    DRE has an ever-growing library available to customers and a seated workstation. Bring your device; WiFi access is available during research sessions for free.   These sessions can provide a space for learning more about your path, expanding into other areas, herb study, ritual study, and more. Dusty is always willing to jump in if you need help with what you're currently working on or formulating a spell or ritual. 


    • Crafting Sessions

    Dusty is available to craft for you. However, this is on a case-by-case acceptance. Dusty has firm boundaries in regards to this. A fee is charged for time and ingredients, which can be quite expensive.

    Alternatively, Dusty is available to assist you in researching your own unique spell/ritual blend. Ingredients can be made available for a fee.


    • Classes

    Classes are held in-store.

    Sessions led by Dusty are very informal and, more often than not, will run overtime. Please have time up your sleeve, and be prepared to go "down the rabbit hole." Sessions with Dusty will likely end far from where they started. (Pack a snack... and your lunch, you'll thank me later). 

    Dusty runs experience-based classes; they are based on her knowledge gained from practicing her path and her lived experience. Dusty's "formal qualification" is in Agriculture; after retiring from Agriculture, the knowledge gained still comes in handy in the garden.

    Classes led by guest speakers will vary in formality depending on each speaker's style and will run to schedule. Depending on the topic of interest, Guest speakers' qualifications will vary - from offering knowledge gained through practice and life experiences to formal qualifications. 

    In general, Witchcraft isn't something you really gain a "Formal Qualification" in. It's not something that the education system offers.  It is lifelong dedication, lived experience, and knowledge that is passed down and also gained through practice.  

    Most classes attract a fee to cover time, ingredients, and other items necessary for each specific class.

    Making Black Salt
    This class is run by Dusty. You will learn how Dusty crafts black salt and craft your own to take home with you.  Fees: Private-TBA, Group-TBA
    Spell Melts
    This class is run by Dusty. You will learn how Dusty crafts spell melts and craft your own to take home with you. The type of spell melt will vary per session. Fees: Private--TBA, Group-TBA
    Spell & Ritual Blends
    This class is run by Dusty. You will learn how Dusty crafts herbal spell & ritual blends and take home your own blend with you. Depending on the session and time available, multiple blends/spells/rituals may be offered per session. Fees: Private- TBA, Group- TBA
    Tarot, Rune, Scrying... Divination.
    Classes on various forms of Divination will be held separately by Guest presenters. Each presenter sets their own fees.


     If you are interested in being a guest presenter of listed or other areas of interest, please contact Dusty via FB @dustyroseessentials. 


    ALL products, sessions, classes, and services available at Dusty Rose Essentials are provided and/or sold as curios only.

    Dusty Rose Essentials and its staff are not liable for Guest Presenters, their actions, their products, or their services.

    Dusty Rose Essentials and its staff are not responsible for any misuse or outcome of any product, session, class, or service.
    No guarantee is offered for any outcome or result from any product, session, class, or service available at Dusty Rose Essentials.

    The information provided is for educational purposes only, and accuracy is not guaranteed. It does not replace the advice from licensed medical professionals, It does not diagnose, prescribe for, or treat any health conditions. Products including but not limited to herbs, resins, and oils are for incense and curios purposes only. Products are not for consumption. Products are not sold for medicinal use and are not to be used for such purposes. For medicinal purposes you are required to secure the external services of a licensed medical professional, Dusty Rose Essentials does not provide such a service and does not supply products to suit.

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