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Resin and Resin Blend Test Tubes

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    Resins & Resin blends available in 10 different options. Presented beautifully in test tube packaging, 25 ml when packaged. Designed to be burned on Charcoal briquettes available here 

    • Frankincense : " Awakens a desire for a spiritual understanding of life"
    • Benzoin : "For protection and wealth, to help inspiration and understanding to financial situations" 
    • Myrrh : "Useful in situations where emotions are under pressure. Clears space so you can think your way through a problem"
    • Frankincense & Myrrh Blend: " Offering protection and spiritual guidance"
    • Gum Copal: "Used as an incense in ancient times"
    • Vatican Mix: "Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin. Brings protection, spiritual understanding and success learned from following a spiritual path"
    • Guggal : " Can help heal the emotions- particularly is situations where a sense of loss is experienced."
    • Egyptian Gum: " Purifying powers to cleanse the mind of negative and fearful thoughts that can hinder progress" 
    • Gum Dammar : "Connect the mind to emotions to help heal and allow deeper spiritual awareness."
    • Egyptian Musk : "Aids in spells & rituals to enhance wisdom, improve self confidence and strength of spirit"
    • White Sage Powder: " Purifying and cleansing. Waft the smoke around the person, place or object needing purification. White Sage is considered sacred by Native Americans."
    • Dragon's Blood Resin: " Adds extra power and strength to any magical workings directed towards Love, Protection and Energy."
    • Sandalwood Powder: "Considered to have a high vibration perfect for healing, protection and purification rituals."

    Sold Individually in a 25 ml glass test tube.

    For incense purposes only. Do NOT consume. Keep out of reach of children.

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