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Pentacle Altar Bell ~ Gold Tone style 2

Original Price $12.95 - Original Price $12.95
Original Price $12.95
$12.95 - $12.95
Current Price $12.95

Bell featuring stamped Pentacle, 4.5 x 7 cm, gold in colour.

You can use your bell for your Altar and in cleansing rituals among other uses.

Purify unwanted energies, call in protective help, restore balance in your home and life. There are many uses that you will come across for a clearing bell and you will find it to be an extremely useful tool during rituals.

 Care Instructions: metal objects, in this instance metal bells, often tarnish over time and naturally form a patina. Regular and gentle buffing can help to maintain or minimise the extent of the patina. For removal of patina there are several methods available online. Although, you may prefer not to remove, maintain, or minimise the patina if you would like to achieve the naturally aged look that comes with the appearance of the patina. The forming of a patina is a natural process for metal objects and is not a flaw with the product.