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Moondance Resin & Wood Incense : Frankincense & Dragon's Blood Granules 20 g

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Frankincense & Dragon's Blood Granule Mix 20 Gram Pack

Frankincense is commonly used for its protective & purification properties in spells and rituals repelling negativity and promoting purification. Often used in divination practices and to aid meditation. Frankincense is well known for its' Healing, Calming & Grounding properties. It's scent blends well with most other scents. 

Dragon's Blood pairs exceptionally well with Frankincense and strengthens what Frankincense offers. It increases the potency of other ingredients whilst also offering it's own protective properties and is often used in spells and rituals for its ability to increase potency. 

"Frankincense : Used to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, prayer and consciousness. Excellent for cleansing and clearing areas of negativityDragon's Blood: Protects and is used for cleansing. Especially useful in neutralising negative energies"



CAUTION: Resin Incense are for fragrance and magical use only.                                   This product is NOT to be consumed.