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Moon Magic by Diane Ahlquist

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Moon Magic ~ Your Complete Guide To Harnessing The Mystical Energy Of The Moon 

By Diane Ahlquist 

Just as our ancestors relied on the heavens to inform and predict many areas of life, we, too, can incorporate the powerful energy of the universe into our lives.  Learn how to harness that power for manifesting goals, finding emotional balance, and maintaining physical wellness in Moon Magic.

If we look to the skies, we can connect to our world in ways that we may never have considered.  Using the moon's power begins with understanding its potential.  From new Moons to eclipses, blood Moons, and the Supermoon, there are ample opportunities for the Moon to influence your emotions and thoughts.  Knowing when and how to use that power is key to effecting change in your life.

You are in control of your journey, so navigate using the Moon and see what amazing destinations you can reach. Third-generation intuitive Diane Ahlquist guides you to incorporate the Moon's energy into your everyday life for health and prosperity with Moon Magic