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Crone's Book Of Magical Words

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Crone's Book Of Magical Words

Author: Valerie Worth

 "Chant the ancient words of magic... Within these pages are the words your great-great-grandmother might have spoken when she wanted to please the household spirits, fashion a love charm, or bring the rain to her garden.  Women of old worked their magic with the help of nature: wind, sun, water, and stone. Crone's Book Of Magical Words captures this magic of the heart, which sings in a woman's voice and is shaped with a woman's hands. 

Practice the wisdom of centuries past with the 128 incantations, spells, potions, and charms in this book.  Clear ghosts from a haunted house, break a curse, enchant the one you desire, see the future.  Discover magic for every heart's purpose and every season.  Speak the ancient words of magic ... and find the power that all women were born with."

ISBN 9781567188257