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Dragon's Blood White Sage Smudge Stick

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These Dragon's Blood & White Sage Smudge sticks are rolled and tied with natural cotton string. Created by dipping white sage smudge sticks into melted Dragon's Blood resin and then sun-dried. 

Dragon's Blood has a distinct, slightly sweet, yet earthy fragrance, popular in ritual and spell work, adding potency to other ritual herbs, oils, and resins.

Dragon's Blood is used for healing, protection, and the banishing of negative energies and spirits. It partners beautifully with White Sage to create a powerhouse of metaphysical purification and protection.

The White Sage used is wild-harvested in the USA.

  • each smudge measures between 10-12 cm in length

NEVER leave a smudge stick burning unattended. Always ensure that it is extinguished fully after use. Only use heatproof and fireproof receptacles to hold your smudge.

  • This product can only ship within Australia.