Pagan Portals Poppets and Magical Dolls

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    Pagan Portals Poppets and Magical Dolls ~ Dolls for spellwork, witchcraft and seasonal celebrations

    By Lucya Starza


    In witchcraft and in traditional folk beliefs, a poppet is a doll used for sympathetic magic. Poppets are designed in the likeness of the individual and can be used to represent them in a spell to help, heal, or harm - although, n itself, poppet magic is neutral. The word poppet comes from the Middle Ages in England, originally meaning a small doll or child - and it is still in use today as a name of endearment as well as meaning a little magical doll. The term is older than the phrase "Voodoo Doll".  Pagan Portals- Poppets and Magical Dolls explores the history of the poppets and offers a practical guide to making and using them in modern witchcraft.  It also covers seasonal dolls, from Brigid dolls, woven from reeds or gran stalks and used in celebrations for the first stirrings of Spring, to fairy dolls enjoyed in tree-dressing at Yuletide. Other topics covered include spirit dolls, ancestor dolls, and dolls as representations of mythical beings and creatures from folklore. 

     ISBN 9781785357213

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