YULE : Rituals, Recipes & Lore for the Winter Solstice

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Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials

"Joyful Celebration of the Spark Within

Yule- Also known as Winter Solstice- is celebrates when nighttime has reached its maximum length, and there is a promise of brighter days to come as candles are lit and feasts are enjoyed. This guide shows you how to perform rituals and work magic with the energy of rebirth and renewal that comes with the return of the light 

Rituals ~ Recipes~ Lore ~ Spells ~ Divination ~ Crafts ~ Correspondences ~ Invocations ~ Prayers ~ Meditations

Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials explore the old and new ways of celebrating the seasonal rites that are the cornerstones of the witch's year."