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The House Witch

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The House Witch~Your complete guide to creating a magical space with rituals and spells for hearth and home.

Author: Arin Murphy-Hiscock ~ Author of The Green Witch

"... Create your own magical space! Home is a place of refuge, renewal, and creativity, where you begin and end each day.  It is also the primary root of your energy and spirituality.  The House Witch works to honor and strengthen that sacred space, making it as simple, peaceful, and nourishing as possible.  She explores and uses the magic of the home. While other spiritual paths often look beyond the home to focus on the natural world, the house witch creates a solid and supportive place to work from- a literal home base.

In The House Witch, you'll explore the energies of the hearth and home and learn how you can create a spiritual haven for yourself and your loved ones in today's busy world.  This guide also contains ritual suggestions, recipes for sacred foods, directions for mixing blends and potions, and more.  Where you find shelter and nourishment is an important part of who you are. Embrace the world of the house witch and discover what the power of the home has in store for you..."