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The Crocheting Witch New Age Arts And Crafts

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The Crocheting Witch New Age Arts And Crafts

Author: RJ Montgomery. Photography: Ami Nicole of Acronym

A Craft and Crochet Book for New Age Readers, Wiccans, and Neo-pagans to Assist with Spells and Spell-Work

Many students of New Age beliefs, from Wicca to Neopaganism, create items to assist with their work by managing energy and controlling spells. These homemade, hand-crafted materials have personal significance, beauty, and practical, useful effects.

A quick reference for people specifically looking to incorporate crochet into their craft, The Crocheting Witch is a guide to using different types of stitch pattern, materials, herbal and essential oil infusions, beads, and charms to create a variety of crocheted crafts such as:
Wand Cases, Tarot Boxes, Candle Cozies, Crystal Storage,  Amulets and many more!


ISBN 9781510763876 

Format: Paperback