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The Art Of Ritual

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The Art Of Ritual 

Author: Rachel Patterson

The Art of Ritual takes you through every step of ritual format from the basics to the more unusual.  What ritual is, how to create it, work with it and all the different aspects and stages of putting a ritual together and how to get the best out of it whether you are a solitary or within a group.  From set up through the entire process including the cake...this book covers just about all you should need to know to give you the best ritual experience.  Drawn from the author's own teachings and experiences this book also shares a variety or different ritual scripts and suggestions along with those from members of her coven.

"...As someone whose magical training has been at both ends of the scale-from the formal, intense rituals of the Egyptian Mysteries to the informal, spontaneous elements of traditional British Old Craft-it was refreshing to read a book that covers the middle ground in a sensible and highly informative manner. An ideal introduction to the practice of ritualised magic." - Melusine Draco, author & Principle of Coven of the Scales

“This is a really useful reference book for anyone who is wanting to create their own pagan rituals. The first part explains all the terminology and techniques you need to know, while the second part is full of ready-to-run examples.  These include rites of passage such as hand fastings and baby namings,  Wheel of the Year rites, Celtic tree celebrations, elemental rituals and rites to honour various Goddesses." _Lucya Starza, author of Pagan Portals-Candle Magic

Rachel Patterson is High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven and an Elder of the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft.
A Green/Kitchen Witch with an added dash of hedgewitch and folk magic. She lives in Portsmouth, UK.


ISBN: 9781782797760

Format: Paperback