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Spells For A Magical Year

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Author: Sarah Bartlett

Spells For A Magical Year ~ 100 Rituals and Enchantments for Prosperity, Power, and Fortune.

Draw upon beneficial, universal energy at any time of the year to maximize your spell success! Using planetary, solar, and other natural influences, as well as the ancient power of pagan holidays, Goddess energy, and traditional festive dates, Spells For A Magical Year gives a month-by-month guide to spells, rituals, and enchantments. Discover which spells work best on Sabbats, major holidays, and world spiritual traditions.

  • Follow easy, step-by-step instructions for performing the rituals, using talismans and amulets, and casting spells around New and Full Moons, Solstices, and Equinoxes.
  • Find unique spells for conjuring fertility, love, creativity, prosperity, and well-being all through the year.
  • This eclectic spell book also gives invocations, blessings, and spells drawn from a wide range of traditional magic practices from around the world, including medieval grimoires, ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian magical tablets, Greco-Roman magic texts- all completely updated for the modern-day witch.
  • By working with the cycles of nature, you can stay in tune with the rythms of the universe to help manifest your dreams.