New Moon Aromas Incense Bundle : Mystic Forest, Black Rose, Wicca Ritual, Tree Of Life & Pagan Spell

Dusty Rose Essentials

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A gorgeous bundle of New Moon Aromas 15 gram incense stick packs. 

Included in bundle : 5 x 15 gram packs


  • Mystic Forest: A skillful blend of Oudh & Rose Oil creates a warm earthy mystical rain forest aroma to relax your senses and revitalize your soul.
  • Black Rose: A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotions, Indulge in this with the mesmerizing fragrance of Black Rose
  • Wicca Ritual: Wicca Ritual Incense is a blend of herbs and resins to help during rituals. Use this incense for all your ritual and Wiccan celebrations. 
  • Tree Of Life: Tree of Life Incense is a blend of natural herbs and oils which helps connect all forms of creation. Use this incense for knowledge and to connect to the past and future.
  • Pagan Spell: Pagan Spell Incense is made from herbs, oils and resins for rituals. Use this incense for protection, Healing and banishing negative influences.