Goloka Aroma Oil Bundle of 6 Oils

Dusty Rose Essentials

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A bundle of our best sellers from Goloka Aroma Oils!

Pack includes 6 x 10 ml bottles of Aroma Oil.

Fragrances :

  • Peruvian Palo Santo: "Inspires creativity, bringing love and good fortune"
  • Patchouli: "Grounding, Balancing Effect On Emotions"
  • Frankincense: "Stimulating and elevating to the mind"
  • Californian White Sage: "Gives a positive boost to closed spaces, neutralizes smoke and other odors"
  • Sandalwood: "One of the most nostalgic fragrances, effective at relaxing brain waves and reducing stress"
  • Nag Champa: "Uplifts mood and acts as a stress buster"


For aroma diffuser.  NOT for application on skin.