20 Hour Non-Toxic Spell Candles

Dusty Rose Essentials

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This beautiful range of Spell Candles are individually handmade by the amazing Chandlers at The Nimbin Candle Factory, located in Nimbin Australia. Made using age old methods, featuring non-toxic and long burning wax. This range gives a 20 hour burn time. Measuring 13 cm tall with a diameter of 5.5 cm, and available in a variety of colours. These candles are made for Dusty Rose Essentials on request as unscented, enabling our customers to have access to spell candles that can be dressed and prepared for their own specific spells and rituals without the interference of extra ingredients. 

  • Non-Toxic Wax
  • 20 Hour Burn Time
  • Australian Made
  • Unscented 
  • 13 cm Tall 5.5 cm Diameter

Due to the nature of handmade candles the colour may vary slightly from picture between each batch.