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Getting Stocked @ DRE

Would you like to see your wares stocked at DRE?

Dusty is passionate about supporting people and small businesses within our communities that craft wares suited to the wider Witchcraft, Pagan, and Spiritual community.

If you handcraft:

  • Runes and other divination tools
  • Altar Tools
  • Jewellery
  • Candles: non-scented, 7 day, spell & ritual, hand-dipped tapers, beeswax, and others suited to spell and/or ritual needs.
  • Wood carvings/spoons/tools,
  • Herbs: Herbal ritual blends, powders, and oils.
  • Incense: sticks, cones, and powders
  • Leather goods
  • Cast iron/blacksmith/silversmith goods
  • Beeswax and Beeswax products
  • Bone/horn products
  • Curios … or anything else then please get in touch.

Please note: DRE does not stock Athames or any type of blade.

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