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Smudge Kit ~ White Sage & Red Abalone Shell

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Original Price $12.95 - Original Price $12.95
Original Price $12.95
$12.95 - $12.95
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Smudge kit including miniature Red Abalone shell with a 7 x 10cm bag of Californian White Sage.

The shell included with the kit will range in size from 2.5" up to 3.5".  There may be different markings, colour variations, and/or other natural variations to the sample picture shown. As these are a natural product these variations are not considered imperfections and should be expected.  

Do NOT leave white sage burning unattended.  Hot ash or burning particles may fall through the shell, always ensure that the shell is used on a fire proof surface. Always ensure that it is completely extinguished once you have finished.