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Spiritual Clearing Spell Candle

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Spiritual Clearing Spell Candle crafted in QLD Australia by Lyllith Dragonheart.

Product Information from LD:

"..Spell candles are handmade using 100% soy wax and each one will vary slightly in size and appearance.

Spiritual Clearing Candles are designed to be burned when you wish to remove negative energies and increase protection for yourself, family or home. Designed them as two-toned candles to provide both cleansing and protection in the one candle. As the top half burns down it removes the negativity then as it moves through the white, this promotes positive energy.

Spiritual Clearing Spell Candles are made with pure essential oils of frankincense, rosemary and juniper berry, with a sprinkling of Lyllith's clearing & exorcism herbal incense blend on the top. Each ingredient is chosen for it's spiritual and magickal properties for cleansing energies.

Each spell candle is charmed and blessed throughout the process, from blessing the ingredients, charming as mixed and poured and then again once finished off with decoration." 

  • Approx. 125g
  • Mini spell scroll included 
  • Use with a suitable fire safe candle holder.
  • Do not allow Herbs to burn
  • Remove all embellishments prior to lighting
  • Please note that charms may vary depending on availability, but will always be appropriate and similar to those shown in the photos...."


    How is candle colour achieved?
    The colour of a candle is often achieved by blending two or more colours, resulting in the final colour once the candle is cooled and set.  For this reason, you may see variations within the melted wax once you have burned the candle. This is normal and does not impact the candles ability to perform as the set colour during spells and or rituals.


    Candle Safety: Customers must source current and up-to-date information prior to using all candles, and must use them in a safe and responsible way. The information provided on this website and here is for general information only and accuracy is not guaranteed. Dusty Rose Essentials is not liable for any misuse or outcome of any product.